All my songs are registered with SOCAN
 I am  a hard worker and  have over 30 years of grooming my craft, being able to adapt and capture different moods, melodies, chord arrangements & grooves to suit many different styles of music.
Any project that I take on is given my utmost respect and dedication to come up with the clients desired results. I am open for input at any point during the creative process & ultimately give the client the desired product that they are after.
I will be happy to take notes during a consultation call, skype call or via email, to insure that I have a clear target in mind in regards to what is needed. Your time is valuable & I make sure that it is respected.
Working with Many Producers in Vancouver on various projects in the 80's as a session player. 
Writing for Rock and country bands in the 80's & 90's.
Working on cruise ships 2001 onward to 2012.
After traveling the globe on cruise ships for 10 + years ... I see where I am in the world now. I am out of my bubble that I was once in, having just seen and experienced only North America. Now I have so much appreciation for all the cultures of the world. I have met the different people, worked with them, lived with them & have come to understand them, their culture & life style.
I also see how they live on land in the different countries I have visited. I have looked at their incredible life styles & listened to their music & have learned what is important to them. The people from the countries visited are  very different … including South Africa, Namibia, India, Thailand, China, Japan, Russia, Spain, Italy, France, England, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Hawaii, Tahiti, Mauritius, Reunion, Ireland, Alaska, Mexico & Norway... just to name a few.
I have been working & traveling on cruise ships as a Musician & Art Director for a period of 11 years. This has done more for my playing and writing than can ever be taught in schools.
On the note of schooling.. I attended I.C.A. (The Institute of Communication Arts) and Capillano University in the mid 80’s. The music theory program is a must for anyone wishing to work as a writer.
There have been many great building blocks to my career in becoming a seasoned professional musician working in nightclubs & cabarets across Western Canada & in the US. Some of the various bands that I have played & sang with through out the 80’s that have been a great asset to my craft include Dangerous Mix, Vandle, Hudson Jet, The Fax, Love Hunter, Steel Horse, 7th Heaven, Derringer & the (Capitol Recording artist) Steve Jack Band. I am currently working a singles act as well.
On Writing:
When I approach a new song or jingle.. I immerse myself into the attitude, feel and emotion that I want to illicit in the music. I become part of it, well before I even look at any instrument. My best writing has been and will be with doing a scratch vocal 1st .. and then working on the best chord progression that supports the lyric and melody. I have many other useful techniques that I use to create my works, that I can share at a later date.
Lastly ...  A word to my future clients:
It is the passion for what the benefit of the product is & becomes what the song is about.
I focus on the benefit of the experience, obtained from the product for the end user.
When I write for film .. I am living the part in my mind, heart, body & soul.
I aim to transfer all of this to the listener in my music.
I look forward to hearing from you. ;-)